“How do we define family? Can photography and storytelling heal past hurt and heartbreak? Lindley Warren [Mickunas]’s imagery, with its cool palette and quiet tones, amongst the rich and hopeful greens of summer, challenges the viewer to question how we represent the past and tell stories about our future. The work is sobering and methodical in that Lindley digs deep into her own personal traumas and setbacks by photographing her family today. Through the lens of her nephews and other family members, she creates images that speak to what it’s like to come from a broken family. Like other works of auto-fiction, the images blend reality and fantasy in a way that allows her to recreate her past and heal old wounds. Lindley is painterly in her composition and style, and in doing so the tension and vulnerabilty of her family are on display. Although the images are quiet, a longing for what never was churns beneath the surface.” --Alana Celii, photo editor at the New York Times for Heavy III